Kate Shiloh

Dear Refined Gentlemen,

Are you ready to meet an exquisite Italian/Latin mixed woman, whose beauty is equally matched by intellect as well as her culinary passion?

My positive, cheerful and friendly nature will instantly put you at ease. My interests range from cooking, to sports and tennis, to travel. I am a genuine, independent and serious young lady. I’m knowledgeable on many subjects and have a terrific sense of humor. I can hold any conversation with just about anyone and I’m not afraid of challenges. I’m open to changes and staying positive no matter what life throws my way.

I will be there with undivided attention and to take you away from your ordinary world. Our companionship will leave you breathless…you will be compelled to indulge in our time together again and again. I guarantee you will enjoy every minute we spend together. Don't hesitate, I'm waiting for you.

xo, Kate

Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Body Type: Thin
Body Size: 36C-26-36
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5' 7"
Race/Ethnicity: Italian
1st Language: Italian
2nd Language: English
3rd Language: Spanish
Age: 22
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Long
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: No
Tattoos: None
Smoker: No
Porn Star: No
Avilable to: Men
Likes: Good, Wine, Dancing, A good time
Dislikes: Bad Hygiene, Lack of sleep
Email me: [email protected]
Personal Website: Under Construction
  Session Location Comments
$500 USD  1hr  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
$750 USD  90min  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
$1000 USD  2hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
$1500 USD  3hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
$2000 USD  4hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
$3000 USD  6hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
$4000 USD  8hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
$5000 USD  12hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
$6000 USD  24hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Ft Lauderdale, Florida 
Days Time Availability Comments
December 6-7  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Albuquerque, New Mexico 
December 8  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Santa Fe, New Mexico 
December 9-10  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Salt Lake City, Utah 
December 11-13  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Los Angeles, California 
December 14-15  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  San Francisco, California 
December 16-17  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Dallas, Texas 
December 20-21  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Des Moines, Iowa 
December 22-23  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Omaha, Nebraska 
December 26-27  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Nashville, Tennessee 
December 28-29  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Memphis, Tennessee 
Janauary 5-14  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Orlando, Florida (Pre-books and multi hour requests only) 
January 15-17  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Kansas City, Missouri 
January 18-20  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  St Louis, Missouri 
January 21-23  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio 
January 24-26  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Cleveland, Ohio 
January 27-28  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Cincinnati, Ohio 
January 29-31  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Scottsdale, Arizona 
February 1-2  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  San Jose, California 
February 3-5  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Houston, Texas 
February 6-7  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Austin, Texas 
February 8-9  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Birmingham, Alabama 
February 10  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Huntsville, Alabama 
February 11-28  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Orlando, Florida 

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