Lola Rivera

Since I was young I was often referred to as an old soul. Wise beyond my years with an appreciation of the past. I’m an introvert, though I crave meaningful connections. I prefer smaller, intimate circles to surround myself with.

You’ll notice I’m a lively conversationalist and an attentive listener. Raised in the south, I’m a true southern belle at heart. As a avid bibliophile, I’m most myself when enjoying a hardback nonfiction or sci fi novel between my hands.

My surprisingly geeky side compliments my girl next door looks. By seeking out my company, you yourself are searching for an unparalleled connection with depth. You enjoy the luxuries and little things equally alike. Laughter between us is certain and the possibilities are endless.

Until then, Lola xo

Sex: Female
Body Type: Toned
Body Size: 34B-26-36
Weight: 128 lbs
Height: 5' 4"
Race/Ethnicity: Puerto Rican/Filipino
1st Language: English
Age: 22
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Shoulder-Length
Body Piercings: One
Breast Implants: No
Tattoos: None
Smoker: No
Porn Star: No
Avilable to: Men, Couples, Bachelor Parties
Likes: Yoga, Pilates, Hiking, Belly Dancing, Old Music, Indie Films, Reading, Coffee Connoisseur, Champagne, Vineyards, Dogs, Peonies, Japanese food, Indie rock, Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb, Koalas,, French 75, Horror movies
Dislikes: Time wasters, tardiness, bad hygiene
Email me: [email protected]
Website ;under construction
Days Time Availability Comments
7 Days a week  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Atlanta, Georgia 
March 22-23  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Albuquerque, New Mexico 
March 24-25  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Scottsdale, Arizona 
March 29  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Birmingham, Alabama 
March 30  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Huntsville, Alabama 
March 31-April 1  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Salt Lake City, Utah 
April 5-6  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Memphis, Tennessee 
April 7  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Nashville, Tennessee 
April 8  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Omaha, Nebraska 
April 12-13  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Austin, Texas 
April 14-15  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Dallas, Texas 

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