Rose Auclair

A vibrant, refined, with a free spirit, and flexible body that is bound to hold your attention. I'm 24 years old, college educated, who's been fortunate to have travelled to over 20 countries. I aim to share my positivity and brighten your day with my contagious smile.

I’m delighted you found me and I’m sure we’ll share an unforgettable encounter that leaves you breathless and yearning for more. A sensual being, I long for passionate nights of organic touch. I am thoroughly versed in finding and sharing life’s pleasures. My slender frame is paired with a taste for adventure, lighthearted sense of humor and an appreciation for the present moment. I love the playful side of life, I believe time is meant to be shared and enjoyed!

If what you seek is a liberating adventure with a companion who is charming, substantive, passionate and elegant, then look no further. While I love to laugh and savor each and every moment with you, I am also incredibly discreet and professional. From the moment we meet consider our time as a respite from the day to day; you will know this young girl can always feel what you want and indulge you in seduction, desire, satisfaction, pleasure, relaxation and respect all at the same time.

xo Rose

Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
Body Type: Thin
Body Size: 34D-25-35
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5' 9"
Race/Ethnicity: White
1st Language: English
Age: 21
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Redhead
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Long
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: Yes
Tattoos: None
Smoker: No
Porn Star: No
Avilable to: Men, Women, Couples, Bachelor Parties
Likes: Cuddling, Yoga, Travel Abroad, Stand-up Comedy, Investing, Badminton, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Baking, Roses, Sushi, Rock Music, Gardenia by Chanel, Ocelots, Dogs, Brut Champagne, Christmas, 50 First Dates, Catch me if you can
Dislikes: Rude Men, Bad Hygiene & Degradation
Email me: [email protected]
Personal Website:
  Session Location Comments
$900 USD  1hr  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois (LVC members only) 
$1400 USD  90min  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois 
$1800 USD  2hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois 
$2600 USD  3hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois 
$3200 USD  4hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois 
$4500 USD  6hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois 
$6000 USD  8hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois 
$7000 USD  12hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois 
$10000 USD  24hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Chicago, Illinois 
Days Time Availability Comments
7 Days a Week   Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Gold Coast, Chicago, Illinois 
February 7-10  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Scottsdale, Arizona 
February 16-19   Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Austin, Texas 
February 20-21   Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Houston, Texas 
February 22-23   Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Dallas, Texas 
February 24-25   Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Fort Worth, Texas 
March 5-7  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Boston, Massachusetts 
March 8-11  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Washington, DC 
March 23-26  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Las Vegas, Nevada 
March 27-29  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Manhattan, New York 
April 10-11  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Charlotte, North Carolina 
April 12-13  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Raleigh, North Carolina 
April 17-19  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Salt Lake City, Utah 
April 20-22  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Denver, Colorado 
April 23-24  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  San Diego, California 
April 25-27  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Los Angeles, California 
April 28-30  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  San Francisco, California 
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