Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a patron that goes through the vetting process to become a part of our elite private club.  Someone who needs assistance with finding the right person to date and spend their time with.  Does this sound like you?  

Why do I have to Pledge?

In order to join our elite and exclusive private club, you will need to pledge and go through the vetting process. The vetting process has been designed to ensure authenticity and safety for both parties involved.


Is there a way to meet the ladies before I ask for an introduction?

Yes. LVC hosts Meet & Greet events the 3rd Thursday of every other month. Only Pledge members are extended an invite. 

Due to COVID, LVC M&G's are postponed until further notice.

What does Le VIP Collection do exactly?

We are a referral and personal assistant service, meaning we introduce models (dream girls) to patrons like yourself, that have always wanted to go on an actual date with a real model.  After we introduce you, the ball is in your court!

Is there a cancellation policy?

Pledge/membership cancellations: You can cancel your pledge membership at any time by request.  Upon cancellation, your information will be completely removed from our database.  Any previous Pledge payments are not refundable.  

Reservation cancellations: We understand that things come up and at times cancellations need to be made, however, like any business, we do enforce a cancellation policy. It is simple, if you booked an appointment and cancelled between 48-72 hours prior notice, you will be requested to pay a cancellation fee of $200 for each hour booked. Cancellations with 47 hours or less notice will result in 1/2 the donation fee of the booked time. Payable by credit card, bitcoin wallet, P411 points or cash app this fee will need to be paid before you can book in the future. This includes all LVC models.

What is a FMTY?

FMTY = Fly me to you. Meaning you want to fly the model to you for a reservation.

How does a FMTY work?

Each model has a minimum they require for the booking.  It may be anywhere from 2-12 hours.  They will require this fee + round trip flight + hotel accommodations.  Most models will require first class airfare and a 4.5-5 star hotel suite booking. Depending on how long you want to make the reservation for, the model may need more than 1 night of hotel booked.  All FMTY requests must be paid in full in order to confirm them, this includes all flight/hotel fees as well.  Payments are accepted: Debit/Credit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.  A 4%-5% cc fee will be added to the amount due.

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