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Our Goal

Le VIP Collection (LVC) is an introduction service, tailored to help you find your dream date.  All the content you see on our website is completely authentic. 


LVC requires every photo on this website to be authentic, meaning we do not allow any stock or fake photo submissions. We require ID from every model  to ensure authenticity. Some models blur their photos for discretion purposes, please do not ask LVC to email you uncensored photos. If you would like access to additional photos, you can become a member by clicking here.


Our members site is under construction and will be available to you in June 2018.  Please ask us for details!


LVC does not, and will not speak of any past dates between pledges and models.  If any sort of derogatory question is asked, it will result in immediate termination of our conversation with you.  LVC is NOT AN AGENCY, we are strictly an introduction to dating service.


LVC's assistants are not available for dating, do not ask them.  Please be respectful.


LVC prides its reputation on holding the highest of discretion policies. Personal work information is never kept on file or given to a third party.  Any other sensitive information you provide for pledge purposes will be deleted.


Once you have passed the pledge process by LVC, you will never have to go through the process again.  If you require your original profile to be deleted, you will be asked to complete the pledge process again. 

Pledge fee: 50 per month

Meet & Greet's

On the 3rd Thursday of every other month, we host a very special night. A Meet & Greet night. If there are a few models you would like to meet before making date, this is the perfect occasion to meet them. If you're the shy type or you just can't make up your mind, this night was meant for you. Meet & Greet's are not free, but they also won't break your bank. A small nominal pledge fee is asked and will include your entry, food, beverages for the evening.


LVC brings elegance, mystery and fun back to Los Angeles and into your double life. We host a series of fun events that we highly encourage you to attend. Deception Masquerade Ball, Le VIP Royale, Lip Service, Animal House and the new upcoming Helenic Republic parties are hosted at private estates around Los Angeles... giving a new definition to speed dating!




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