Gabi Santi

Hello Gentlemen,

I’m Gabi, a young, vibrant twenty-something cutie, and the perfect mix of sweet and saucy. I definitely have that innocent girl-next-door demeanor that you just cannot seem to get enough of.

I value discretion, and find it best to keep things uncomplicated and fun. I am very down-to-earth, friendly and passionate. I am affectionate when the time is appropriate, otherwise, I do not mind unleashing my saucy side. I enjoy strong, kind, humble, upscale gentlemen that relish treating a woman like a queen. In return, I will treat you like the king that you are.

My time is limited, so please check my schedule on my profile page and allow ample notice for same day requests. I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

xo Gabi

Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
Body Type: Toned
Body Size: 32C-22-35
Weight: 114 lbs
Height: 5' 5"
Race/Ethnicity: Brazilian
1st Language: Portuguese
2nd Language: English
3rd Language: Spanish
Age: 23
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Long
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: No
Tattoos: None
Smoker: No
Porn Star: No
Avilable to: Men, Women, Couples
Likes: Reading books, traveling, museums, respect, gifts, parties, trips, Roses, Oysters, Truffle, Sushi, Dogs, Champagne, Cabernet Sauvignon, Christmas, California Dream Louis Vuitton
Dislikes: Disrespectful/rude people, Bad Hygiene, Bad Breathe
Email me: [email protected]
Personal Website:
  Session Location Comments
$800 USD  1hr  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
$1200 USD  90min  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
$1600 USD  2hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
$2400 USD  3hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
$3200 USD  4hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
$4800 USD  6hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
$6400 USD  8hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
$7500 USD  12hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
$9000 USD  24hrs  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio & Tour outcall add 100 + uber 
Days Time Availability Comments
February 11-17  unavailable  Incalls/Outcalls  unavailable 
February 19-20  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Charlotte, North Carolina 
February 21-22  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Raleigh, North Carolina 
February 23-26  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Los Angeles, California 
March 4-5  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Columbus, Ohio 
March 6-8  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Cleveland, Ohio 
March 10-16  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 
March 17-19  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  San Francisco, California 
March 20-22  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Indianapolis, Indiana 
March 23-31  unavailable  Incalls/Outcalls  unavailable 
April 1-3  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  St Louis, Missouri 
April 4-6  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Salt Lake City, Utah 
April 7-8  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Austin, Texas 
April 9-11  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Dallas, Texas 
April 12-14  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Houston, Texas 
April 15-17  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Scottsdale, Arizona 
April 18-20  Anytime  Incalls/Outcalls  Los Angeles, California 
April 21-24  unavailable  Incalls/Outcalls  unavailable 
General Details
Setting the appt was smooth, LV was professional and quick to reply. Photos are accurate, the best was that her personality genuine with positive videos from the time the door opened.

Book with confidence!! She will exceed your expectations.
JFARKOO, November 30, -0001 - Source
General Details
I come in and she is got a bit of a buisness attitude. She had on a non revealing black long nightie. I put down the envelope, take a shower. I come out and all that changed. WOW, a very beautiful South American girl in a tiny red bra and panty set. Apparently some guy tried to skip the envelope part of the date so she was being cautious. From that point on she acted like she wanted me badly. So starts a very nice date.
MONTYU, November 30, -0001 - Source
General Details
His Agency always strictly interviews and. associates with the most beautiful women and Valentina is stunning!

She is into cleanliness which I greatly appreciate.

Photos are accurate- she is fit and trim yet so feminine and hot and sexy.

She has the physique that I appreciate and she is smart and witty

In my view She is perfect and should never change a thing.

She is a professional She will run the show, it is her body and I respect her rules. I greatly enjoyed myself!

I will definitely see her again
ETYPE1, November 30, -0001 - Source
General Details
I found Valentina's ad on P411 and was stunned by her photos. Considering she is new and local to my city, I had to reach out. I was a little nervous setting up the meet, because she didn't have any reviews anywhere that I could find. But, the agency is legit and has good reviews, so I went out on a limb. She has a lot of ads, but anywhere you contact her, the agency assistant handles booking and screening. I did ask about reviews. Assistant told me she used to work under a different name, but all the old ads and reviews were deleted. More to that story later.

I reached out about a few weeks in advance, all communication was through the assistant at LVC. Had to move the appointment around a few times, assistant was very responsive. 12 hours before our scheduled appointment, Valentina emailed me directly from her private email to confirm and sent the address of her upscale incall. I emailed back when I got there, got a reply right away with the room number and went up. I knocked on the door, I heard stilettos come to answer, and she hid behind the door as she opened it for me. And thank the gods she did because...
JOE.5E4FF3, November 30, -0001 - Source
I just wanted to share with you the wonderful time that I had with Valentina Mon Cherry. She is a very gracious, kind and loving woman, and oh so beautiful and sexy. I enjoyed every minute of our time together. I hope that she comes back to Salt Lake soon. Thanks for arranging our time together!
Salt Lake Review, November 30, -0001
TER ID 383241
TER, November 30, -0001 - Source

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